Past History: I told my father I was looking for a job.

His reply: “Why not work for yourself? I’ve a 40 year inventory of quotations, humor, useful thoughts.” (Dad’s retired from his newsletter publishing business.) “We’ve years of content folks liked – – so publish a daily digest of good reading. Make it one penny a day, $3.65 yearly.”

So, we created “Penny Digest”, a daily fast-read digest of time-proven goodies. To grow our subscriber numbers faster, we’ve added money-saving deals, new each day.

$1 of every $3.65 yearly subscription will go to our Wounded Warriors. Our goal: 50,000 subscribers, $50,000 to Warriors who’ve paid dearly.

Skeptics smile at this goal. With your help, we will wipe those smiles from their faces!  We will surpass this goal – – with your help!

Here’s how. After you subscribe, tell everyone you know about our goal. If you’ve an email forwarding list, use the link we provide after you subscribe, making it easy to forward a digest sample and Wounded Warrior project information. Hopefully they will in-turn subscribe and pass-along to their forwarding list – – on and on and on.

This is how we exceed our $50,000 goal!!! (Millions search the web for “Jokes” and “Quotes”. We deliver time-proven goodies to email inboxes for one penny a day.)

No searching.

BINGO! We exceed our Wounded Warrior goal.

– Kathy

I’ll add our Wounded Warrior contribution progress report within a daily digest from time to time.


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